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We have extensive experience in High Speed DDR3 Production. We can completely finish in the First Version.


Company Feature:

1. Provides design support based on attitude in the sevice industry
2. We Provide 24/7 service. “No Time Gap”, Full function Service.
3. Defends for customer’s rights, signs up for confidential contract.
4. Offer clients with satisfied service, delivers a project on time.
5. EMI/EMC package service.
6. Conforms with designing norms of the Institute for Printed Circuits (IPC) and the industry.
7. Considers all conditions about large-scale production:

o ICT test pad
o Function test pad
o Orientation of tin-stain furnace
o Typesetting and assignment (AI & SMD)

8. Participates in process review and layout improvement with the customer
9. Helps clients to build up an internal layout environment
10. Mutually negotiate and educate, put stress on cost factor of a product.
11. Archival management/ superintendence.
12. Pursue the client’s maximum satisfaction through the effort of high-class quality and efficiency.
13. Provides programming at IC ends, decrease recommendation of pinning by layer.
14. Provides Simulation of high-speed product, shorten R&D phase.



ADD: 2F,No.39,Sec.3,Chung Shan Rd,Chung-Ho.City Taipei Hsien,Taiwan,R.O.C. TEL: 886-2-8221-3028  FAX: 886-945617024

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